Qualities That Men Look For:


Wallets for men have a lot of variety but they only pursue the following qualities.Usually, men look for wallets that have more of practicality in them rather than style. They want an organized wallet where they could put their photograph, money, business cards, membership cards and credit cards in a way that it becomes easy to access these contents. So essentially, what they are looking for is a wallet that is best functionally more than how it looks in terms of being fashionable.

ImageThe other thing that men look for is a wallet that is classy above all and leather wallets do just that. They are durable most of all and that does not affect the look of these types of wallets. They are appealing to the eyes and they age with classiness and this is exactly what men look for when they want to buy a wallet.

The last quality that men look for is that a wallet should not require maintenance. Men are usually not the type who would keep up with the maintenance of the products they buy. So they look for a wallet that could cope up with being used roughly and doesn’t need to be cleaned regularly because that is what is going to happen to the wallets purchased by the men.


Online Shopping… Want or Need?


The recent trend of online shopping is paving its way to reach to the customers more and more and hence the onlineImageshopping in Karachi is becoming more affected- in a good way, by its current standings in the city.

This new way of shopping has made it quite easy for the consumers to shop for their favorite products all at one place. They now don’t have to go all the way to the stores and different ones, if their choice of product isn’t available at that particular store. All you do is sit in the comfort of your home, browse through the products and items that are available to buy, select the one you desire and order it via the website and your products will be delivered to your doorstep. No need for hassle at the stores if there is some kind of sale happening or a particular occasion is on the brink like eid. Just relax and order away. The best part is the service of cash on delivery. There are many insecurities when you buy some products online because of the un-physical nature of online shopping. But cash on delivery provides you with the option of checking the product before you actually make the payment, making you sure that what you bought is exactly what looked like it on the website.

Since online shopping in Karachi is becoming more of a necessity than just a luxury, many different marketing strategies are being formulated to promote it more and more. It also has a huge part in the sales of the products and brands that have physical outlets and more shops and stores are making it an important part of their service to market them through online medium. And soon enough, this new way of shopping is going to popularize and become the need of every home.

Are Shoes Just About The Look


Women shoes form an important part of their overall look. Wherever you are going and whatsoever kind of outfit you wear, your whole ensemble is not complete unless you have a perfect pair of shoes to go with it.  

ImageThe outfit you wear and the shoes on your feet should complement each other. It should not be the case that your outfit is amazing but your feet look plain and dull. Yes, that could happen if these are not paired perfectly together. They have to mesh together like a harmony, one just as good as the other. So it is important to buy the right pair with the right outfit. Also, you need to check if they are durable because you do not want a mishap like the famous celebrity Meera’s fall on the ramp. Yes, she got dis-balanced while walking down the ramp for a fashion walk because of her shoes that tore off. See how important it is to have quality in your shoes, though the shoe she was wearing must have already been worn by many models, but still that is no excuse. If they were that bad, they must have been discarded. Although, hats off to her by the way she carried herself in the rest of the walk. She kept on going and then gracefully turned; bent down and took off her shoe that was troubling her. Then went back to her place waving the one pair of shoe around over her head, though this was a little too much yet it is remarkable how confident she was still at that time.

Women shoes are completely mesmerizing and you just want to buy every pair you can possibly, but you still have to be careful to find the right quality and perfect fit for you as to not let accidents happen.

What Is The Latest News?


The fashion industry is reaching a new pinnacle in Pakistan. Much attentiveness about fashion has recently developed in our minds, and much thought is also given on being up-to-date with the current enlargement and latest fashion in Pakistan and that is how the fashion industry of Pakistan started to boom. The designers have taken the necessity of the consumers into account and have been laying out the best designs and attire to fulfill the ever growing demands of their well-versed customers.

ImageIn the times before, fashion was not as much publicized as it is now. It is easier to familiarize oneself with the latest and the most happening trends in the current era then it was back then. There are numerous people in the community at large who are willing to sponsor and are sponsoring the latest fashion in Pakistan. Different stages are also being provided to the people in the fashion industry to showcase their work on a public platform. Not only are the different channels taking part in promoting fashion but also vigorous social media campaigns are being done to bring as much awareness as possible. There are ample of fashion shows occurring across the country to demonstrate the latest trends in the marketplace and they are also showing the outfits and jewellery line of each designer individually so you have a lucid picture of who has got what to put forward. A few of these very well-known fashion shows consist of fashion Pakistan week and bridal couture week that are held every year that are sponsored by many well-known brands in the country.

So, even if you do not observe much of TV shows and do not pursue any particular person or show, it is not such a big deal because all you are required to do is to glance around and you will be able to identify what is currently in and then make your mind up according to your taste, that which of these latest fashion trends would you like to go after and which will go well with your style the best or perhaps not.

Naturally Beautiful


Clothing and accessories is one thing to consider but the most essential part for a woman to get ready is makeup. The real reason why it take so much time for women to get ready is mostly the time it consumes to apply it. If done wrong it goes horribly wrong and even your beautiful dress cannot compensate what’s happening with your face.

ImageWomen feel incomplete without makeup and most of them think they look ugly without it. that’s definitely untrue but since so much of focus is given on women to apply it that they become used to it and then even the idea of going even once without it seems preposterous. Now what they can do is not use a lot of it all the time. Since it’s summers time, so women should go for a natural look. A light brown or pale pink eye shadow with a light shaded gloss or lipstick, not too much of foundation either. Go for a side bun or a braid with loose curls like Taylor Swifts look on the red carpet of MTV music awards. Just go for a subtle look and trust me it is the type of look that suits everyone and is the best for summers. As too much of the face polish in this time of the year will start to wear off and that would be completely unflattering.

For winter time it’s different. You can play with colors and go for a bold eye shade and red lipstick. You can play with your hair and let it loose. Curl them or straighten them, they would not falter to their original form because of less humidity. So girls winter‘s are best for experimenting and let the summer’s be for indulging in the natural look. And hey! Sometimes loose the makeup and go with you natural face because you don’t need makeup to make you look beautiful.

Gifts for you!


Getting gifts for loved ones, is the sweetest but one of the most difficult tasks on planet earth. We always want to get something unique and extraordinary for them; but eventually find every other thing as not-good-enough; to be gifted to them.

ImageI have suffered this problem umpteenth time. Every time I start looking for something unique, I end up being in an uncertain position to pick out the best. However, online shopping has found me the solution to this trouble of mine just like it has done for many other people who go through the same problem.

I can order cool and attractive gift sets in my range now, just by sitting at home. I can give my requirements and get great things delivered at home; all just a click away.

This new platform with a huge variety of goods is feasible for almost everyone. However, it is very important to stay away from online thugs, and look up for sites, which are reliable for online shopping. Otherwise, you could face trouble or lose your money to the wrong people.

You could improvise what you intend to buy and ask for variations. The forum for online shopping has become so huge these days that not only “shopping” but also “finding something new” has become very easy. Karachi as a mega city holds so much inside. From its big branded stores to the local shopping malls; from its road side cafes, to the highway “Dhabas”. From it’s never ending nights to the busy-hectic days. The city has everything and anything inside. So how come it could remain at back in the race of developing the online space?  Bull’s eye!! Now Karachi is taking a plunge at the online sphere and challenging other great cities all over the world. People over here are lured towards such ease that they are aimlessly making the trend of e-retailing as something that is commendable and praiseworthy for buying goods and gift sets for their loved ones.

The Collaborations Are Made Easier


Pakistani fashion is gaining widespread importance worldwide. Designers and people all over the world admire the work and Pakistani art of fashion that is explicit, multicultural and diversified. It has reached to the heights of excellence with its miraculous designs and innovations. Because of such incredible outcomes, Pakistani fashion and its designer clothing are being appreciated and followed everywhere. The cultural norms of Pakistani fashion industry and its aura are almost being friends with the worldwide fashion where people are all flipped over it as the tradition and culture of Pakistani mode of fashion has taken new directions and dimensions of style and iconic fashion.

Designers from everywhere are having their interests in Pakistani fashion, being friendly with our-mode-of-fashion. They are adding up the ideas in their designs and collaborating with Pakistani designers every year. We have been noticing numerous alliances among them who are presenting tremendous work for the public with their prodigious teamwork and affiliation.

Designer clothing in Pakistan has attracted a great deal of audiences all around the globe. The main reason why these apparels are being appreciated is definitely the idea of stylized tradition and classic arrays of designer clothing. The best part of these collaborations is that through these, Pakistan fashion industry also gains prominence and bump in the fashion Imageworld. Moreover; these alliances with the foreign designers bring business to Pakistan and provide opportunities of getting exposed all over the world no matter its men clothing or women, men shirts or women dresses.  

Designer clothing has gaining widespread importance these days. Also, the field is getting prominent in the online space. Online shopping has almost redefined designer clothing and spreading new trends in a new way. It is making shopping more accessible and practical due to which it is getting popular with the passage of time. Men shirts, pants, accessories and other things are available explicitly along with women apparels and accessories. Whatever you like, think as if it’s just a click away from you.