High Heels Are Classy Statements Of Your Fashion Life Style


High heels are classy statements of your fashion life style, but it may uncomfortable and even lead to chronic foot damage. It does not make sense to favor those foot wear which harm and hurt feet in additions to this render it difficult to run from ancient and modem predators.

ImageBut if a lady is looking attractive in high heels and also ladies high heels allowing ladies to be more choosy over larger number of higher quality males competing for their attention so this could explain many and some shocking advantages of ladies high heels.According to the fashion industry and different market leaders in high heels, there are three main types of heel, 1st  is Low Heel ( low heels will have 2.5 inches of ) 2nd 2.5 inches and 3.5 inches) 3rd that, is considered as High heels) as trends are changing there are many products are available like Pencil Heel, cone heels, stiletto heels, wedge heels, pumps heels, platform heels and much more,

Let’s talk about some major advantages of ladies high heels, wearing high heels increases you height by 5 to 6 inches, a perfect solution for those ladies who love to look tall, research tell us that most of the ladies like to feel attractive by having a tall look by wearing high heels, psychologically ladies feel smart and proper shape by wearing high heels.

High heels give a stylish and different look to physical appearance of a lady, an open toe sandal with minimum 2 inches heels looks quite decent and different with churidaarA lady will feel good posture in wearing high heels and it also gives confidence to a lady while carrying her, high heels will give a classy look to your legs.  and last type of high heels is High heels( any foot wear having heels of over


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