The Evergreen Color


White color is associated with beauty and pureness at the same time. Whether they are the floating white clouds up above the sky or there is this beautiful pair of white swans in the lake, everything that has even a tinge of white color, catches our eyes to a great deal. This is why whenever somebody wears a white dress; all the eyes are attracted towards her/him. Especially in summers, white is the ultimate choice for an outfit. When this color represents pureness, it also gives the heart and eyes the never-ending delight and dewiness. White color has the quality of reflecting heat rather than absorbing it.

 ImageKurtas, right from the beginning, have been explicitly worn by women. Apparently, they emerge as the ultimate SUMMER WEARS every year. This is the reason why the clothing is being stylized differently and having innovations by numerous designers, making these lawns as big brands. Girls go all kooky and nutty after these kurtas just to bring them in their collection and to pull off their personalities with the assorted designer wear lawns kurtis. This article is to represent the current culture of lawn dresses and the associated brands that have earned a celebrated place among women in Pakistan.

Apart from the copious color schemes used in such kind of clothing, the designers are using white as the premium color of their designed attires. To promote an easy stuff for summers, they are using white color as the most desirable color for summers. Although, every woman doesn’t go for a white dress as they think it might be disastrous due to various reasons (complexion, dislikes etc) but still they are attracted towards the white kurtas due to a beautiful array of designs and innovations by the contemporary designers. No matter what complexion they have and how fat they are, they still want to wear the color.


Loosen Up Your Dresses


 With the increasing success of the fashion industries, fitted clothes are getting in excessively. According to most of the experts, fitted clothes result in the emergence of many diseases at a time. Due to tight clothes, air doesn’t pass easily through our clothes and at the time summers, germs and bacteria get to grow vigorously in such case which results in the emergence of diseases.Image

Diseases that spread rapidly due to the skin related fungi in places where people interact and mingle excessively reach to the clothes and expose to the skin ultimately. This causes severe skin diseases which affect the skin badly. For this, loose women dresses can be the most suitable choice for women.

The Best Men’s Wear


Smart, elegant and a dashing feel is very important in men jeans and pants. It is a must thing to think rough when it comes to selecting men jeans in order to have a manly, debonair and stylish outcome. Boys like to wear jeans and pants because they look smart and quite comfortable. As they like to have a rough look at times for their own comfort levels and for the sake of promoting the “in factor”, they prefer to wear lowers that make them feel comfortable and trendy at the same time.

ImageMen clothing has always gained different varieties of designs and styles through the way they are carried by men. Their names and sorts are sorted by the style of lugging them. Jeans (originated in Genoa) are called as jeans as they that incorporate materials like cotton (traditional denim) and other blended materials or anything associated with the certain type or quality. They are worn casually, in parties, offices (cotton jeans), and any informal get-togethers. Presently, they are made up of cotton and other materials as mentioned above. They can be worn with tees and even dress shirts. Dress shirts are of numerous types and can be called, as mentioned above, in accordance to the ways they are worn.  They are called as shirts, dress shirts, button-front and sometimes as button-up shirts. Dress shirts are well tailored and completely of your size. They perfectly fit your neck, shoulders, chest and waist. They are always paired up with ties and courts and look amazing with dress pants and even jeans.

Men jeans should have the variety in order to experiment your styling. The more you have in your wardrobe, the more you will be able to try different things on you. Similarly, if you have a pair of rough-ripped jeans and a lot of tee shirts and formal wear shirts then you have more options of giving yourself a diversified look.

Try to add more colors in your collection, more shirts with more denims and pants. Make it sure that you have a perfect men clothing line to experiment with your day to day styling. Be trendy and be innovative then a complete look with all style and grace is guaranteed.

The Initials


The basics of online shopping in Pakistan include the essential information that what online shopping is all about. It is a way of buying items online through which the customers allow themselves to consume services and do purchase easily in a short span. Basically e-buying promotes speedy shopping and online space ultimately in order to gain more public attention. Web browser is used in e-buying which is also called as e-web-store, e-shop and e-store. Apart from this, internet shop, web-shop and web-store are other possible terms that refer online shopping in Pakistan.

ImageThrough online shopping, a physical analogy is emerged which is used in buying products from a shopping center or mortar retailer which can be referred as B2C (business to consumer) shopping. Other than this, process that includes dealing of two businesses is called as B2B (business to business) shopping. There are a variety of e-buying sites that are involved in such latest innovation by the world of internet. Now retail is not only limited to physical stores, but also you can buy products or do shopping over the internet. It is due to the fact, that online retailers are offering more and more online store interfaces. With the assistance of e-commerce, the offshore demands of products could be fulfilled easily along with their service needs and wants.

As far as the history of e-buying is concerned, the first ever browser for commercial use was designed and introduced by Tim Berners-Lee during 1990-1991. With time numerous innovations and creations took place in 1994. At that time, first online pizza shop was opened by pizza hut, online banking also got introduced meanwhile, Netscape and its SSL v2 encryption was brought on the front that was considered as a secured standard used in data transfer so that customers will  have a secured way of payment and access to the internet.

Consumers visit the websites and buy products of their choice. They can also select multiple products or items through the facility of shopping cart software. A checkout process is also there at which all the price details related to the payment procedure are mentioned for the customers.  Most of the online stores use a facility to make an account on those stores so that a regular notification about the products is provided to them on daily basis. This also gives them the ease of becoming members of those e-buying stores. While on the other hand, some unsophisticated stores ask consumers to make a call or write e-mail for their purchase in any store of online shopping in Pakistan.

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world – Marilyn Monroe


The quote has been heard by almost everyone and religiously followed too. The shoe designers are working hard, especially on women sandals ever since science has come across the disease, scoliosis, and stated that wearing high-heels is not good Imagefor women in the long run.

Scoliosis can be defined as a medical state in which a person’s backbone is abnormally curved outwards. It is a deformity and in severe cases the person tends to bend, not being able to sit or walk with their back upright. The discovery of this condition has disturbed the shoe designers and high-heel lovers as a whole. Ever since the shoe designers are working tirelessly hard and spending sleepless nights to provide their customers with the best combination of comfort and style.

The feminism that comes along with women sandals is unconventional. No wonder high heels have been specially emphasized on by the society of shoe designers. To cater for the comfort they have developed relaxing foam and put a secret element beneath the sole of the shoes that works on each of our foot’s pressure point as per the rule of acupressure.